The Little Things

There is a unique aspect to the story of the Widows Mite. The usual angle of the Widow giving all that she had in difference to the rich man who gave only what was expected is all to well know.

But perhaps the other angle is that it was in fact a little gift. How often people offer to each other such little gifts that go unnoticed. But if were not proffered would be missing and the loss be sorely felt. Such little gifts can make someone's day without ever being acknowledged.

The friendly smile, the letting someone have seat on a crowded train, the politeness shown to someone working at a check out in a busy store. Each is in fact a small gift. Usually given without any consideration of reciprocity.

So when someone says to you they don't believe in a truly altruistic gesture or gift; simply explain that courtesy and manors are their own reward. And that people who are showing such an attitude are also freely sharing a gift.

The Holy Spirit can prompt the heart to the best times to show these small gentle altruistic gifts. If only we are willing to listen for such instructions.


Updated 1st November 2016



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