The Taqiyya

"I can be a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.
I have all the diplomatic and
rhetoric to do so"
Hassan Rouhani

Islam is the only religion that actually promotes deception and lying to non Moslem. These non believers are referred to as Kafir or Infidels. The Taqiyya was created at the time of Mohammed as a way of fooling Kafir into thinking they are safe and have friends among the Moslem.

It was also used later in the history of Islam as a way of protecting followers from persecution. They could lie about their faith and state emphatically that they were not Moslem's and had nothing to do with Islam.

In our Post Modern global environment the Islamic Taqiyya or sanctioned lie has proven a useful tool in the slow invasion of Islam throughout the Western and European World. People and Governments have been tricked into thinking there are those of the Islamic faith who are moderate and friendly. This devious plan will see the demise of freedom and democracy in the world.

As Christians we need to take be careful what we believe and what we do as in time our very lives will depend on our steadfast faith in Jesus Christ.

Updated 1st March 2019

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