Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas. Just two simple words. Yet they have become for some a red rag to a bull. While for others they are just quaint trite words quickly said and quickly forgotten. Yet again for many Christians they represent the very core of the season and the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas? How easily do you say these words? Do they just casually role off the tongue as a natural reaction to someone else offering a similar wish or greeting? Do they hold little meaning other than a seasonally accepted phrase that people say to each other?

Merry Christmas. Do these two words get you shackles up? Do they grate on your nerves as pretentious and of no meaning to you? Perhaps to the point of angry burst of dismay and angry responses?

Merry Christmas. Or do you understand that with these two words we are really saying the three words Merry Christ Mass. Within the three re found the significance of beauty, Grace and Salvation. A solemn gift for life for everyone. Once and for all. Sent by God our Father and Creator.

Merry Christ Mass. May this be a time of respect, understanding and reflection. On the one small child that would grow up as a perfect gift for all to seek.


Updated 1st December 2016



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