A Recipe for More

"Cooking is truly an act of love"
Jacques Pépin

Food is more than essential to our health and well being. It creates a special place where we can meet each other. A factor that is reflected in many cultures. Where the very act of sharing food is recognised as a way of being inclusive.

Sadly in our hectic paced world of fast food and communications we are losing the sense of inclusion that a shared meal can create. Too often families meet in front of a TV and consume convinience foods with very little interaction or conversation. My experience has been to talk to friends about recipes only to be told they don't actually 'cook' anything. They prefer to just purchase premade foods and heat them as needed.

I would challenge people to stop and take a reality check. How much of our lives have been handed over to mass produced premade foods? Imagine the added value of being able to sit down to a meal you created with your own hands. To be able to share it with those you love and value the most. Through the gift of food and communications we can regain the sense of family and the sense of belonging together.

Updated 1st January 2018

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