Mirror Mirror

Staring: Julia Roberts,

Notes: Intriguing as it is, stories can take on new reflections and in themselves create new stories. This in the case with Mirror Mirror. I enjoyed watching this movie while traveling from Darwin in the Northern Territory to Sydney New South Wales. The fact that the person who I sat next to was a female Muslim who as soon as I sat down started frantically looking for another seat to move to. Then as the flight took place took every chance to make it known she hated me. She of course didd not know me. Nor did she ever take time to get to know me. All she had in mind was what a retributive scum she was tuck sitting next to. For her it was a trip of great discomfort

The story was amusing and constantly with it's surprises. The new slant on the old story was one that gave it new strength and vitality. Even the rather quaint Balliwood dance at the end was a refreshing new slant on the story. Sleeping beauty was given a new and revitalized personage. While the seven Dwarves where given new and more or less acceptably real personalities.

Over all the story was well crafted and presented. Ac fables go, this is one that would go well with the family. Watch and enjoy. Though you might want to share with the kids the story you had grown up with.

M J Flack