The Blind Side

Staring: Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, Kathy Bates
Production company: Alcon Entertainment
Music by: Carter Burwell
Release: 2009

Notes: What could be a wonderful feel good movie and a young African American who is taken in and given love and support for a amazing career in football becomes a tragic piece of anglosaxon propaganda.

Within the first minutes of the film we see an inspiring football player, Joe Theismann, get crash tackled. We are told that he was injured for life and ould never play profesional footbal ever again. Then nothing else is mentioned. There is a sort of hint that this might be the big dilema that Michael Oher has to face as the film grows towards a climax. But nope, that doesn't happen. he just declares he wants to go to school where his family (the nice white family that adopted him) had gone to. As well as play football professionally. No mention of the tragic injury that would destroy Joe Theismann's career. Or leave him diabled for the rest of his life.

In the effort to bring out the feel good in a story it seems way too easy to over look the damage and injury caused to people along the way. No it seems Michael Oher is complaing the movie has upset his football career. Shouldn't he be talking about safe game play and making it up to the player he injured?

The film is a formula rant and a half. Not really worthy of the talents of Sandra Bullock or any of those who stared in it. perhaps not one to watch.

M J Flack