The Point

Staring: Paul Frees Lennie Weinrib William E. Martin Buddy Foster Joan Gerber Mike Lookinland
Narrated by: Ringo Starr
Director: Fred Wolf
Screenplay: Norm Lenzer
Production company: Murakami-Wolf Productions
Music by: Harry Nilsson
Release: February 2, 1971

This was one of those feel good films I grew up with. The story line was clean and simple. While the message was clear and easy to understand. All about finding our place in life. Even when at times the whole world seems to be against us. Or that we are so different there would be no way we could ever fit in. Ringo Starr has the soothing mellodic voice that helps smoothly tell the story of round-headed Oblio. Who lives in a world of pointed people, pointed houses and well everything that has a point.

When he is cast from home for his oddity he finds that life is more than the sum of all that was accepted back home. That there is essentially a point to just about everything. Well with the exception of one charracter he meets in the forest who just seems to be pointless all together. But maybe that is for you to decide.

A great film to watch with the kids. Once you drag them off the internet or some other brainless past time.

M J Flack