Touching Base

We don't see each other these days.
Time seems to slip past too quickly.
Before I know it I'm confused.
Never sure what to read in silence.

You live in another place.

When we do talk it's now filled,
With those awkward pauses and breaks.
I tread gently never quite sure,
Of what not to bring up or to say.

Your life seems alien to me.

The conversation is wrapped up.
With promises to stay in touch.
Calling more often then before.
And then the painful words of good bye.

I have lost such expectations.

Then the silence of time passes.
My imagination plays tricks.
I begin to fear for the worse.
And pray earnestly for your safety.

My prayers are my comfort.

God who in his mercy hears prayers.
Will be there when you call on him.
Then perhaps in time you'll reflect,
And realize someone is missing you.

Take care and travel safe.

MJ Flack