Praise God in all things










Lord, remind me when;
The day is warm and the breeze is as gentle as a lovers sigh.
And the night is lit by a million stars that adorn the velvet sky.
To take time to thank you Lord, for the gift that set me free.

Lord, remind me when;
The day is cold and troubled with not a friend to be found.
And the night is dark and filled with many a threatening sound.
To stay close by your side, trusting as you will protect me.

Lord, it is easy to praise you when;
My life is filled with the warmth of the gentle suns rays.
And all may see your rich blessings in all my happy days.
For there is an assurance when all is going as planned.

Lord, it is in the dark times when;
I feel so empty and all alone in this world of strife.
And little seems to comfort me in this tragic life.
That is the time when I should never let go of your hand.

MJ Flack